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Event Registration-Member

  1. This set of instructions is for registering as a MEMBER. If you are registering more than one person (either another person in your membership, or another member), please use the other instructions.

  2. Click on the Register Nowbutton.

  3. The default on the Event Registration - Who's Attending page is an individual.
    You don't need to change anything.

    Click Next.

  4. On the Event Registration - Activities page, choose either Full or Land package. For some trips only one type is offered. If the type of package that you want/need to have is Filled, you must contact the Trip Coordinator to find out if/when more will be made available. Lift tickets and other optional activities will be made available for signup closer to final payment date.
    Pick a package
    Click on the Next button.

  5. On the Event Registration - Additional Information page, type your answers into the text fields. Note: these fields do NOT reference the membership database. If you type in a Non-Member's name, or the name if a Member who is not on the trip, you will get no warning!
    Reg-Me only-Questions

  6. On the Event Registration - Cancellation and Risk Acceptance page, check the box that indicates that you accept the Cancellation and Risk Acceptance policy of SCSC.
    Event Registration-Cancellation and Risk Acceptance

    Click on the Next button.

  7. On the Event Registration - Summary page, you need to confirm the choices that you have made.
    Event Registration-Summary
    If yo agree, click the button.

  8. On the Make A Payment For Your Name page, the amount of your deposit will be in the Total Selected For Payment box. Select your Payment Method.
    Make Payment for Gomez Addams
    Follow the instruction on the screen for paying by either credit card or check.

  9. At this time our credit card processor only allows our members to make maximum payments of $1,000 at a time. However the number of payments you make are not limited by time or number. So please, save your credit card information on the first payment and just use it until you have made all necessary payments. Visa and Discover are preferred. We accept MasterCard as well.

  10. If you are paying by check, THE PROCEDURE HAS CHANGED. You now make your check out to Space City Ski Club c/o ClubExpress. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHECK OUT TO SCSC. Please print an invoice, and mail your invoice and check to ClubExpress.

  11. If you want a single supplement, please contact the Trip Coordinator immediately after registering for this trip. Single supplements may not be available due to a limited number of pillows. Contact the Trip Coordinator BEFORE registering if getting a single supplement is crucial to you.

  12. It is highly suggested that you print out these instructions to refer to as you go through registration. Click the  widget on the right side of your monitor. A menu will pull out . Click on Print to print this page. Alternatively, you can Copy and Paste this entire page to a Word document for easier printing.