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Space City Ski and Adventure Club  

TSC Winter Expedition-Zermatt

Trip Summary

Start Date:  Fri.,Jan. 18, 2019
End Date: Sat., Jan. 26, 2019

Zermatt-Marsha Lutz

TSC Trip Coordinator: Marsha Lutz

Zermatt-Dan Willett

Clear Lake Area Ski Club Trip Coordinator: Dan Willett

This is a Texas Ski Council Trip

Space City Ski and Adventure Club is not participating in the Zermatt trip. However if any Space City members are interested in this trip, please go to the Clear Lake Area Ski Club website for information about the trip. Dan Willett is the Clear Lake Trip Coordinator for Zermatt. He can be reached here.

You can find the Zermatt trip on the Clear Lake website trips page:

Clear Lake Trips Page

The Texas Ski Council also has a description of this trip on their website:

TSC Zermatt Page

Space City members are encouraged to go on this trip with Clear Lake. Under TSC reciprocity rules, Space City members may travel with any other TSC Club at no extra cost.

Texas Ski Council-Standing Rules (As Amended Mar. 14, 2018)
Section IV-Trip Reciprocity

The Texas Ski Council member clubs are required to provide a means through which members of the Texas Ski Council will honor memberships between clubs. This would allow other Council club members to participate in other Council club trips, at the discretion and control of the club running the trip. Deposits and payment schedules, and cancellation charges shall be set by the clubs sponsoring the trip. Communications on space available on these trips is encouraged.